We are a company that supplies large-scale e-commerce solutions, and we count several international and world-renowned brands as our clients. But we’re more than just work! We’re committed to creating and maintaining a workplace that people look forward to going to every morning. So other than making sure we have great coffee and free breakfast, we also have game nights, fika clubs, knowledge groups, conferences, free massages, group workout sessions, and all sorts of fun activities. And we’re more than just fun and games! Since learning and growing is how we at Avensia stay at the forefront and consistently deliver products with a high-quality user experience, we’ve dedicated a certain amount of time for everyone to spend on education, experimenting with new technology, code reviews, and better themselves and the world around them.

Program från detta företag

85 dagar kvar. Avensia söker dig med utbildningen Kandidat- eller masterexamen, alternativt YH-utbildning inom IT. Programmet startar Slutet av augusti 2023 och har ansökan 30 april 2023

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