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Frågor och svar om SKF

Här får du svar på de vanligaste frågorna som kommer in till SKF:

  1. How long is the SKF Global Graduate Programme?
    The SKF Global Graduate Programme is 18 months. We start each year in September with an Introduction month, all Global Graduates together.
  2. What are the requirements and what top 3 qualities you're looking for in the applicants?
    We are looking for people that wants to drive change, lead the organization forward and make a difference! Some important qualities are therefore: innovation, entrepreneurship, and business acumen.
    In addition, we want our Global Graduates to have a Master’s Degree in combination with extracurricular activities and international experience - with the aspiration to work in an international environment. 0-2 years of work experience post Masters graduation is preferred, and fluency in English is a must, however local language is usually not required (but may be in specific countries).
  3. My summarized work experience is more than 2 years and I graduated from my Masters 2021. Can I apply for the year 2022 start of the SKF Global Graduate Programme?
    Yes, you can still apply for the Programme! The limitation in work experience (“0-2 years of work experience post Masters graduation”) refers to your work experience after you finalized and graduated from your Masters. If you for example worked for 2 years before you started your studies and/or have been working alongside your studies, this is only meritorious, and does not count as “post Masters experience”. You can apply to the SKF Global Graduate Programme until 2 years after your Masters graduation. 
  4. Is the Global Graduate role a permanent position?
    Yes, as a Global Graduate one is permanently employed from start. The first 18 months of employment with SKF the Global Graduate take part in the Global Graduate Programme Gatherings, rotations and activities and thereafter enter into their first position after the Programme.
  5. Is there a possibility to rotate to other functions and/or countries during the SKF Global Graduate Programme?
    The SKF Global Graduate Programme offers three (3) rotations, and each rotation is approximately five months. We want to offer a broadness in our Programme where the Global Graduates will get both international and cross-functional experience and learnings. Therefore, the first rotation is carried out in the home unit, whereas the other two rotations will be carried out abroad. During at least one (if not two) rotations the Global Graduate will be working in another business area/ function.
  6. How are the rotations decided?
    The SKF Global Graduate Programme is very much individualized and the rotations plan for each Graduate is based on the Global Graduate´s interests, strengths and individual development plan. Since the Graduates are working in projects to make an actual difference during their rotations, there should also be a need from the business for the project to be carried out.
  7. What countries can be considered for a rotation?
    The SKF Global Graduate Programme is truly global and the countries that our Global Graduates have been rotating to has varied a lot. To name a few examples we´ve had Global Graduates rotating to Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria and many more. Since 2017 our Global Graduates have rotated to no less than 35 countries worldwide. 
  8. What are possible placements after graduating from the SKF Global Graduate Programme?
    As a Global Graduate one is guaranteed a position after the Programme in the first employment unit. However we have also had many Global Graduates taking on roles in other SKF units after the Programme. The roles and functions our Global Graduate alumnis have taken on after the Programme has varied a lot. To give you a few examples, we currently have alumnis within Product Development, Project Management, Controlling, Learning & Development, Application Engineering, Business Development, Purchasing, People Experience/HR and more.
  9. When and how do I apply to the SKF Global Graduate Programme?
    Please keep an eye open on our LinkedIn and the SKF career page to not miss out in this opportunity! The application for the Swedish positions of the Programme opens later this fall. Please note that we can only accept applications submitted via the job posting (and NOT by e-mail or in any other channel). Please submit your application by visiting the job posting, click on “Apply here” and follow the steps. We hope to see you as a candidate when the application has opened!

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