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Frågor och svar om Lantmännen

Här får du svar på de vanligaste frågorna som kommer in till Lantmännen: 

  1. With what will you work during the Graduate Trainee Program and where will you be located?
    During Lantmännens Graduate Trainee Program you try out 3-4 different positions and topics, and alsolocation. So e.g., you might start your journey at Agriculture supply chain in Malmö for four months, the following three months you work close to production of our Kungsörnenpasta i Järna outside Stockholm, the third rotation you are in Finland and spend the last months in Norrköpingwithin the energy sector. This is just an example of how a ”Graduate trainee journey” could look like and every journey is different depending on study background, available assignments etc.
  2. Where does Lantmännen have offices and/or facilities/sites?
    Lantmännen have presence inover 20 countries, with the strongest presence in Sweden and the Nordics. Our Group headquarter is in Stockholm, but we have offices and/or sites in e.g.; Copenhagen, Norrköping, Helsinki, Örebroand Malmö. Other countries to mention is US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Ukraine etc.
  3. If I want to apply for the Lantmännen Graduate Trainee Program, which educational background should I have?
    As our business is broad, ranging from Field to Fork (sectors and business areas: agriculture, food, energy, real estate and Swecon), we welcome applicants with educational background within e.g., engineering, industrial engineering and management, business administration, finance, agronomy etc.
  4. Which qualification are you looking for?
    We are looking for open and curious candidates, that have a strong drive and are ready to take on the challenge of working indifferent sectors, businesses, functions and locations throughout the Graduate Trainee Program. You should like to try out new things, be open to change, like to build network and working together, but also be able to lead yourself.
  5. How and when can I apply, and how many Graduate Trainees are offered a spot in the program?
    You apply by sending in your CV and personal letter plus answering some questions in our application system. We open the application in November 2021, and it closes January 9th, 2022. We will offer between six to nine candidates to join the Lantmännen Graduate Trainee Program

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