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Husqvarna Group

Working in an international group often involves exciting career opportunities, challenges of all kinds and colleagues from all parts of the world.

We have a strong common culture and an open communication climate. We take great pride in our over 325 year long history, and have a passion for innovation. We set new standards in technology and usability to increase end-customers’ productivity.

The Group works proactively to increase internal recruitment and job mobility. Having a diverse workforce, in terms of nationality, gender and age among others, is an advantage that results in a strong, competitive, innovative and resilient workforce. Respect and tolerance at the workplace is important to us – as well as ensuring fair working conditions, and offering opportunities for individual development.
At Husqvarna Group, we want to continue being a global leader, and we know that our future growth is closely related to how we succeed in being a good employer, attracting, developing, and attaining qualified and motivated people. Therefore, we continuously strive to improve ourselves through team surveys, performance management and leadership programs.