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Nextgen 2022

Rejlers will become a platform for continuous learning, development and growth. By developing this, the organization will always stay ahead of competition and will be able to attract the best talent, nurture the most brilliant network and secure profitability. Rejlers is a Nordic group offering technical consultancy services and IT solutions to customers in the areas of: Energy, Buildings, Industry, Telecom and Infrastructure.

Rejlers puts together teams of consultants with different skills who collaborate to carry out projects all the way from preliminary studies and planning to design, engineering design, project planning, project management and programming. Rejlers'​ domestic markets are Sweden, Finland and Norway, with 2300 employees at around 80 locations. What other call core values, we call Superpowers!

Open source culture. Love the challenge. Brilliant networks.

Rejlers are looking for you superheroes who want to join our trainee program Nextgen! Are you curious about life as a consultant? Do you possess superpowers? Maybe you are just the one we are looking for! Talents of today, stars of tomorrow – together we will create magic!

As an employee in our trainee program, you will be offered a perfect cocktail of education and sharp assignments. This 9-month program is a fantastic "springboard" to the working life, where you will be coached by some of the sharpest superheroes within the technical consultant sector. In the end of the program, you will hopefully be a "full-fledged" consultant, prepared to test your wings to the fullest!

We are looking for new colleagues who will enter our trainee program in September of 2021. In parallel with tailor made education and the internship periods we will gather all participants for a couple of joint gatherings working with specific cases – learning and laughing together! We believe in the power of brilliant networks and wow, what a network you will build!

Do you have a strong interest in technology and a desire to be part of creating sustainable solutions for the future? Are you at the beginning of your career and are now ready to test your wings in the consultant business? If you raise your hand on the above, you may be one of those we are looking for!

Within Rejlers you will find opportunities beyond the ordinary and we encourage our employees to dare to push the boundaries and seek alternative solutions to problems. We are aiming to be “Home of the learning minds” with a sharing and curious culture. Therefore, we are looking for you who enjoy a learning environment. You like being a part of a team but have no problem with acting your own "project Manager" – that is, creating order, structure and results in time.

Welcome to Rejlers – Home of the learning minds!



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Master of Science (civilingenjör) - either recently graduated or about to graduate within spring 2021



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