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Unleash your potential — for our clients and your career
Joining IBM Consulting as a graduate or “Associate” as we call it offers you an opportunity to work on client teams, using technologies to help businesses transform the way they work. As an Associate, you’ll develop relevant skills and quickly gain meaningful experience. Your network of experts and mentors will provide career coaching and experience with leading technology, while you solve clients’ most challenging problems with future-defining solutions.

IBM is a global cognitive and cloud company changing the way the world works. We foster a culture of creative, innovative thinkers; people who are curious about how technology can transform businesses and impact the world. IBM Consulting, the consulting services side of IBM, is where we engage with clients across every industry to deliver forward thinking technology-driven solutions. We cultivate a diverse, inclusive, global team of people who want to pioneer, reimagine and disrupt the future together.

Here’s where you come in. We’re looking for passionate, original thinkers who want to drive progress, grow their network and further their careers. If you see yourself as someone who never stops learning, who believes no problem is too big to solve, and who wants to unleash your potential, IBM Consulting is for you.

As an Associate, you’ll be a part of client-facing teams as a consultant, developer, designer, data scientist or technical specialist to help businesses change the way they work. Our clients' technical and business needs are constantly evolving. We’re hiring inspired, talented individuals eager to apply their knowledge and perspective to challenging work that evolves industries and our world. We prioritize ongoing learning, development of technical skills, and continuous personal growth, all grounded in a culture of coaching and apprenticeship.


  • Your network is everything Develop strong connections with peers, managers and mentors to gain diverse project exposure, career coaching and real-time feedback for development and growth.
  • Make an impact sooner Learn on the job, working with teams contributing to client projects and doing work that really matters
  • Take your next step forward Explore your career opportunities while actively learning and applying technology, bridging between your education and application of your skills to complex problems and client challenges.

Your career can take one of many roads at IBM Consulting, in addition to the Associate program we continuously look for graduates to join our projects directly all openings can be found on the home page (or via the link Ansök)

We currently offer the following roles for (soon to be) graduates at IBM Consulting:

  • SAP Junior Consultant
  • Salesforce Junior Developer
  • Junior Cloud Developer
  • Junior Data Engineer


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