NKT Cables AB

NKT has pioneered the cable industry since 1891, and today we are still proactively meeting the world’s constantly growing need for power. We achieve this with our unparalleled energy transportation expertise and cost-effective manufacturing at the highest technological level, and with the regeneration of the environment in sharp focus. We have a ‘glocal’ mindset rooted in trusted partnerships, and we firmly believe that by working together we can shape the future and use our passion to bring power to life.

NKT is a global and recognized provider of turnkey AC/DC power cable system solutions with headquarter in Denmark. We employ approximately 3,400 people and realized a 2019 revenue of EUR 1.3 billion. NKT is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. www.nkt.com


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120 dagar kvar. NKT Cables AB söker dig med utbildningen Electrical, mechanical, nergy, physics, material science, chemistry engineering or similar.. Programmet startar Hösten 2024 och har ansökan Öppnar september 2023

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