Sofigate Sweden Graduate Programme

Sofigate Sweden’s Graduate Programme spans over one year and is designed around three main streams: business development, consulting practice and consulting competence. The main goal of the programme is to combine hands-on project experience with theoretical training sessions and personal development guided by the team manager and a personal mentor, which will give you the best possible foundation for a future successful consulting career at Sofigate.

Business development
The Business development stream is divided into three blocks, where you get to work with senior consultants within Sofigate and participate in the development of services, sales and marketing, and the business strategy.

Block A – Services is where you will focus on Sofigate’s offerings covering our tree business areas: Strategy and Transformation, Management Power, and Technology Services. This will give you a good insight on what we specialise in.

Block B – Sales and marketing is comprised of sales training and management of our client portfolio. As a graduate you will get an insight into working closely together with top management in the sales process by being involved in sales meetings and proposal development.

Block C – Business Strategy includes participation in the strategy process and business planning and gives you the opportunity to take an active part in the Sofigate Sweden annual Business Strategy process, where you will support the executive management in formulation, revision and planning process for the next fiscal year.

Learning by doing on client assignments
During the programme you will be working as a consultant on projects, where you together with your experienced Sofigate colleagues will take an active part in delivering business value to our clients. The main goal is to gather experience from projects in different areas and industries to build a broad competence base, so that you will have a solid foundation when later choosing an area of specialisation.

Develop your core consulting competencies
An integral part of the Graduate Programme is to give you the necessary tools and the encouragement to grow both professionally and personally. During the programme you will go through a number of courses aimed at building your knowledge of our offerings, all the way from business process to the understanding of the tools that can be used for business process automatizations and digitalization. You will also get a dedicated mentor, who will serve as your coach throughout the programme, providing you with continuous feedback and structured mentoring. Upon completion of the Sofigate Sweden Graduate Programme you will transition into a team in one of our business areas.



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Bachelor or master’s degree in engineering, business administration, system analytics or other equivalent academic areas





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